UBC Sauder Love Stories | 2016

Alex & Anna

BCom 2007

On a clear crisp day at UBC
Students sulked as they are no longer free
A new semester has begun - let’s start the Sauder classes
For a group of wannabe accountants with square-rimmed glasses

For accountants, Organizational Behaviour was a required course
That’s where Alex saw Anna twirl, and felt an attractive force
Too afraid to say “hi”, it wasn’t until M I S
Where Alex was group mates with Anna, and he felt lucky with success

Alex and Anna, good friends they became
They even went rock climbing together, it was insane!
Unfortunate that on the way home, Alex puts diesel in his car
Causing it to stop, tow truck needed, a most interesting night out by far

Years pass after graduation, our couple lose contact
Anna and Alex off to different bible schools, there and back
Busy on her snowboard, Anna adventured all day long
While Alex sat at home listening to his Disney songs

Then on one fateful day, on Georgia and Thurlow they meet
So on their phones they set up a date to grab a bite and eat
Their first movie was cloudy with a chance of meatballs
Their first date was at the aquarium, where they had a real ball!

Across from Thunderbird Stadium, Alex pops the question
When Anna says yes, Alex is on Cloud 9 and causes quite a commotion
Running past the new Commerce building, Alex dances and leaps
And into the David Lam library where he creates a heap

The next challenge is finding a place to wed
UBC has to be the place they both said
And so at the UBC Botanical Garden they marry
And here we are, sharing this story to all of you, this 14th of February

Thank you!


MBA 2015


I first saw her in one of the famous Thursday MBA pub nights at Displace. I was standing with my friend Karl from class and saw her across the bar. I turned to him and said 'who is that girl with the beautiful smile?'. He introduced me to her shortly after but nothing materialized there.

Fast forward 3 months.

I finished the MBA program and moved to Toronto. In one cold January night, I was chatting with her on Facebook and she mentioned that she was coming to Toronto for work and we decided to meet up when she is in town. We spent the weekend together while she was in Toronto and decided we want to be together. I packed up my things and moved back to Vancouver a month after that. The rest, is history!

 `Amanda & Jason

BCom 2012

Jason says they met on a blind date, but Amanda knows she wasn't so "blind" going into it. Since she was getting set up by a sorority sister for their semiformal, she got to preview her potential options. Jason was the first photo shown, and she didn't even need to see the others...
Tall? Check.
Attractive? Very.
Not a frat boy? Not a requirement.
Varsity athlete? Even better.
Further investigation (Facebook creeping) revealed that Jason had the same birthday as her celebrity obsession. It had to be a sign, right??
Amanda's other life obsession was burgers. So when they agreed to grab a bite before the event and Jason suggested Pita Pit, she texted him "you can get a pita, I'm getting a burger." Lucky for Jason, he actually wanted a burger too but was trying to appear classier for Amanda. And so, they first set eyes on each other in the village McDonalds.
It was the start of a beautiful relationship…except Amanda said they couldn’t be friends until that mustache was gone. So after Movember passed, Jason took Amanda out on a real date at Granville Island. Fast forward 3.5 years and 1 Master’s degree later, Jason recreated that first date and proposed! Now, the two are getting married in February 2016 at the UBC Boathouse – the same venue as that first semiformal.

Norma-Jean & Spenser

BCom 2008


In 2006, I was co-chairing the 2nd annual JDC West Competition with a good friend (and our future best man), Conor Topley. Spenser just joined Sauder as a second-year transfer student, and came to interview for our executive team. To say we had a "rocky" start is an understatement. I drove Spenser crazy. He said to Conor something along the lines of "I understand why YOU are co-chair, but what is SHE doing here? She's a hippy from Kamloops."

We thought we would get to know each other better by going to Hell's Kitchen in Kits for a friendly beer. It turned into a full-on argument about raising kids, underage drinking, private school vs. public school, and more. We weren't getting along much better by the end of that. Spenser still thought I was a hippy. I thought he was a stiff.

Fast forward a year and we became best friends. The whole JDC West organizing committee became close friends. But Spenser had different intentions. The next summer, he gathered the courage to ask me on a date. I saw him as "just a friend" and neither of us handled it well.

My feelings for Spenser changed over the years, but with our friendship as the priority, I never brought it up. Similarly, he thought that ship had sailed. We then went back and forth with different boyfriends and girlfriends, even different cities, but the feelings remained.

In 2010, we went to a wedding of our fellow JDC West Executive (Claire) and Team Captain (Jon) in the Dominican Republic, and it was my time to make a move. The rest is history.

Since then we have lived in four cities together, had a joyful wedding with our friends and family (in Kamloops!), had two amazing children (Hudson & Aubrey), started our baby food business, Norma-Jean's Honest Foods, and changed career tracks together many times, but are so fortunate to have our friendship and love through it all. And yes, Spenser still thinks I'm a hippy chick from Kamloops...

 Justin & Judy

BCom 2002

 Judy and I met on the orientation day of Year 2 Commerce in 1999 as we were assigned to the same group; She was Joyful Judy and I was Juicy Justin. We were in the same class in OB and Communications and often hang out outside David Lam Library (where else?) She went back to Hong Kong after graduation and we didn't start dating until 2005 when I also moved to Hong Kong. Our all time favorite snacks are the rock-like cinnamon buns at Trekkers and the Jalepeno Dogs at the hotdog stand outside Koerner Library

I proposed to her at Rose Garden when we visited Vancouver in '08 and we now have two beautiful daughters Jamie and Jessie. They came to visit the campus in the past summer and loved it here. Unfortunately we couldn't find our graduation pictures anymore.

 Ann & Tony

BCom 1987


Tony and I met in first year Commerce in the Fall of 1982. We had every Commerce class together that year - only different electives: Tony did English courses while I did Art History courses. It started with studying together for exams - mostly, he needed my notes, since I actually went to class. :-) We enjoyed the daily ritual of coffee and a UBC cinnamon bun in the Commerce cafe at the base of Henry Angus. We were a couple by the end of that year.

We took a year off school in 1985-1986 and bike toured together through Europe for 14 months. We returned to finish our last year of Commerce and got engaged at the end of the school year. We got married on April 30, 1988 (tax day, so neither of us would ever forget our anniversary. haha!). In 1989 we headed to Cambridge, MA to MIT - me to pursue a PhD in Management and Tony to do his MBA. The next year, he transferred to the doctoral program. We were fortunate to get two academic jobs in the same place - the Ivey School of Business at Western University. We've been here since 1995.

Fast forward to today. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2013 with our three children in attendance (and wearing our wedding outfits from 1988!). We are hoping our youngest decides to attend UBC when he's done high school. Both girls chose other schools. We look back fondly on our time at UBC and are always delighted to return to work with colleagues or to attend conferences. It holds a special place in our hearts!

 Stephanie & Ryan

BCom 2010

Ryan and I met in our 1st year at UCM (a campus club) and discovered that we were in the same financial accounting class, but we'd been sitting on opposite sides of the room. After that first meeting, we looked out for one another in class and started sitting together. From there, we started studying together and pretty soon, we chose our standard time tables together for second year. This led to multiple group projects and presentations together - I'd like to think we made a pretty good team! We finally started dating at the end of second year, and got married soon after graduation. It's still nice to reminisce over our undergrad years, and it's always great to have a spouse who "speaks my language" and can really understand when I'm talking about my day at work!




We met in the Ph.D program, he one year ahead of me. We had a few casual coffee (or tea as I prefer) breaks on the patch of grass outside Henry Angus. Our first formal date was going to a classical concert downtown. He offered to pick me up in his car. We picked the date and agreed on the pick-up time. He didn't have my number; I didn't ask for his. He's late. I thought "Funny, I thought Germans are never late." Then he showed up 30 minutes later, not in his car but in one big yellow taxi. His first words as he jumped out of the cab were: "Hey, I screwed up!" It turned out he locked himself out of his car on Broadway Street and managed to wave down a cab only after some panicky moments. So we went in style to the concert hall in the big yellow taxi. The music that evening was nice but we spent the time afterwards locating his backup car key and retrieving his car. He thought he really screwed up big time. But our coffee breaks only became more frequent after the "mishap." We supported each other throughout the intense Ph.D time. Five years later, we got married. Fourteen years, three continents, and two kids later, we are still enjoying each other's company. Thank you, Henry Angus, for setting us up!

Steven & Eileen

BCom 1986


It's interesting to reflect on the life decisions we make. Had I not taken a year off to travel around the Pacific Rim, I would not likely have met the love of my life. I first met Eileen Benedet on the city bus enroute to campus in our final year. It was my luck that we shared the same faculty, major, classes, study groups and mix of great friends. I'm not sure I learnt as much from the classroom after that but we sure did enjoy POITS, Fred Flintstone bowling, Whistler ski trip, Commerce Talent Show and the amazing ladies who served coffee and cinnamon buns at the Bus Stop cafe. I still can't believe the empathy we received of our hard student lives from such staff. Of all the years in Commerce, none were more enjoyable than our final year in Marketing.
We married in 1987 in Trail with many classmates in attendance and after 9 years in Toronto, London (ON), and 5 more in Vancouver, we relocated to Kelowna in 2001. We recently celebrated our 28th anniversary and have two sons attending UBCO.


BCom 2010


Although I met my husband outside of UBC, I recall a lot of fond memories that were made while we were both in school.

When I first entered UBC in 2006, my husband was already studying in his 4th year in the BSc program. I remember the first day of school, we took the skytrain together from Burnaby and rode the 84 bus to get to campus. Because we were 3 years apart and did not go to the same high school, we never got a chance to be in classes together. So it was very interesting when my husband decided to take ECON 101 & 102 as an elective with me during my first year of study. During our breaks, we would find each other to eat lunch and try to wait for each other to take the bus back home together. On one occasion, we got into an argument during a bus ride to school, and because of that, I skipped my first ever lecture for my MUSC 100 class to chat things out with him.

My husband ended up taking one additional year in the BEd program, so I got to go to school with him for 2 years in total. Although it was short, we still consider UBC as one of the places that highlighted our relationship. For his 2 convocation ceremonies & my 1 convocation ceremony, we marked those as an important milestone in our lives that we were both apart of.

We have now been married for more than 2.5 years and our 1st little baby girl is due April 3, 2016.

 George & Heather

MBA 2011


Heather and I first crossed paths in a string theory lecture while doing our undergrad degrees in astrophysics at UBC. It was love at first sight (at least on my end!). It took a few years, but eventually I convinced her to go on a date with me. Sushi. We quickly became inseparable, dating through graduation and getting engaged shortly after.

Since then we have done 2 more degrees between us at UBC, moved to Toronto and then to London, and have traveled all over Europe together.


BCom 2012

IT and I have known each other for over 8 years but didn't start dating until after I had graduated from UBC. We grew up playing badminton together with her family and our friends at the place we met - our local YMCA. Over the years, I've had the privilege of not only getting to know her better but also her family as well.

Our schedules haven't exactly been the most ideally aligned - we started dating a few months after I started my finance career working in Investment Banking in Vancouver. People who are familiar with this industry would know that this job comes with long hours, endless demands and hard work. But our communication, love, understanding of and support for each other has allowed us to enjoy this experience while pulling us through obstacle after obstacle. Or let's say I'm a bit lucky she's stuck by me through all this!

As I think about our story, I'm excited that we've been able to share a lot of wonderful experiences together. We've traveled locally and internationally together, challenged our fitness beyond points I could have imagined, done cooking classes, eaten at over 25 different sushi places in Vancouver and have had endless study dates. Our first date was actually at an all night diner over milkshakes - a place I would frequent often whenever studying at a nearby Waves Coffee.

As I move onto the next chapter of my life and career, I want her to know that my love for her is true and strong and that I'm so appreciative for everything in my life. I'm excited for our future ahead. Best of luck on your adventures as well!


BCom 2015


It was a dark and wet afternoon - typical Vancouver weather. Protecting my soon to be sold textbooks under my North Face jacket, I struggled to open Sauder's doors with my free pinky, and then I saw Her.

From that moment forth, every mundane activity was an opportunity to court her. "Oh you read books? We should study together." "You like to eat? Have you tried McDonald's?"

On an on it went, weeks, months, years. We did everything together. We grinded through consolidations together, we stormed the wall together, we went to grad night together. Most would consider me "friend-zoned", but I always held firm to that glimmer of hope, always held on to that moment I first laid eyes on her

In our fourth and final year within Sauder's hallowed walls, I mustered up the strength to do it. I drove the girl of my dreams out to Steveston and presented her with a beautiful 24 karat ring...pop.

And that is how I came to be with the girl I sold my textbook to.

Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

 Devon & Rob

MBA 2012


Amazingly and gratefully both Devon Thompson and Rob Adamovsky were accepted to the MBA program at UBC and took it.
The legend goes that Rob had a strong feeling after seeing Devon's picture on a Facebook group prior to moving to Vancouver. He was interested about this feeling and wanted to meet her. Devon had heard there was a 3rd Rob from Toronto coming into the program (there were 2 other Rob's in the MBA already). She was far from impressed with this, and rolled her eyes after hearing he was a banker from Toronto.
On a warm summer afternoon days prior to school starting, there was a class get together at a local watering hole called the "Wolf and Hound". Rob did not waste his time finding Devon at the bar. She was talking to a couple of other ladies in the program, and without hesitating; he interrupted the conversation, ignored the two other women, and said "Hello, I'm Rob."
Both Rob and Devon had wanted to avoid dating people in the program to focus on the very expensive degree they were about to complete. In fact, these words once came out of Devon's mouth to a friend before she met Rob: "Absolutely not! I'm not dating anyone in the MBA program." Similarly, Rob was interested in exploring BC and focusing on school and fun. Let's just say it took Rob some time to ask Devon out on a date. A full month!
The First Date -- Rob was walking through a small patch of forested area on UBC campus, and had a realization it was time to take the next step and ask Devon out on an official date. Formalities have never been Rob's strong suit, so instead of calling, he texted Devon and asked her if she wanted to grab dinner that night. Luckily, this millennial move did not scare her away but it had taken him soooo long to ask her out that she assumed they were going to remain "just friends". When Devon received the text her first thought was "OK cool, where on campus did he want go? Subway or Tim Hortons?". Instead, Rob texted her three nicer options in Kitsilano and she knew it was a date ;)
Rob proposed over the Thanksgiving long weekend in 2014 and they will tie the knot on Vancouver Island on June 25th, 2016.

Jorge & Jess

BCom 2006


I moved from Mexico to do a one year exchange program at UBC. I chose Place Vanier to live on-campus. I was placed in the newly opened Tec de Monterrey House (as it was my school in Mexico). It was the first house to be co-ed in the residence, I believe. I met Jess on my third day there. She lived in the 6th floor like me. She was outside my door getting ready to go out for dinner with her friends. I saw her and that was it. I knew I wanted to know more about this girl. Her friend lived across the hall from my door. She used to visit her a lot. Three weeks later I asked her out. Fast forward twelve years, I transferred my credits from Mexico to finish my degree at UBC. I graduated, she graduated (twice) from UBC, we moved to Whistler, we got a cat and we got married in 2013. Also, I never went back to Mexico. Meeting her at UBC changed my life forever.

 Graham & Angela

BCom 1987


. . . it all began when I was 2nd year commerce (Sauder) and Angela was 1st year and we first met at a UBC Christmas party. We first met by chance on the dance floor where Angela was dressed as one of Santa's helpers, then we happened to slide into each other on a bed where she had stored her shoes underneath . . . not quite what it sounds. . . this was a room full of people who had gathered after the party. I was a little heavier back then and because of my weight, when she sat beside me she slowly slid down to meet again. We said hello and talked for a short while and then she left without exchanging contact information. Back then, you would have to rely on luck to meet again. . . today connecting again is one click away. I thought about her over the Christmas Holidays and as luck would have it, we met again on campus after Christmas again by chance as I was heading to Mandarin class at Buchanan, a class she was thinking of attending. I mentioned I could ask the teacher if there was space and let her know. She gave me her number and that was it, she was the one. Our first date was a lunch date at Ponderosa café which she was 2 hours late. There were no cell phones back then and I remember just sitting and waiting thinking she had changed her mind but my patience paid off as she mentioned she might not have dated me again if I had left. She had a good reason, she had missed the bus and then had along ride in from Richmond where she lived. We dated all through our UBC days and have been married ever since. We spent a lot of time at Main Library studying, and getting in involved in the various Sauder and UBC social activities. It was a great time in our lives that we will never forget. We now have 4 kids together and I am back at UBC helping where ever I can as not only did I meet my wife at UBC, I also started my business there which is another story. Our 2 older kids also now attend Sauder as our life revolving around UBC continues.

 Jadranka & Darko

PhD 1987


Darko and Jadranka Skorin-Kapov arrived at UBC in August 1984, to pursue doctoral studies at the Sauder School of Business, then called the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration. Originally from Croatia, they were already married (from 1976) and arrived to UBC with their two daughters of the age of five and three years. The stay at UBC was very fruitful, challenging, and enjoyable. Both Darko and Jadranka received PhDs in Operations Research and moved to the USA to pursue academic careers. Darko is currently a Professor at Adelphi University, New York, at the Robert B. Willumstad School of Business. Jadranka is a Professor at Stony Brook University, New York, at the College of Business, and the director of the Center for Integration of Business Education & Humanities. The knowledge and experience they received at UBC proved indispensable for conducting successful academic careers. In the years that followed, Jadranka received two additional PhDs, in Philosophy (2007) and in Art History (2014), both from Stony Brook University. Darko and Jadranka’s daughters decided to return to their home country Croatia, and both enrolled at the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. They both received PhDs in Engineering and Computing and are pursuing academic careers, one in Croatia, one in Spain. Darko and Jadranka often travel to Croatia, enjoying the time with their grandchildren. They look forward to their 40th wedding anniversary later this year.


 Mark & Kari

BCom 1983


Kari Hunt and I first met in Professor Rupenthal's Air Transport class in 1982. We both sat in the back row and she could not see the board very well. At first I thought she was flirting with me but in reality she was just trying to copy my notes. A few months later we did a project together in Garland Chow's Logistics course. We shared our first kiss while working on that project and I remember her asking if I kissed all my project partners.

We started dating and went on a field trip to San Francisco to check out various transport systems. Our favourite spot is the Golden Gate Bridge where we shared a kiss which was memorable because Kari came down with Chicken Pox the next day.

After graduating in 1983 we moved to Toronto, where we spent 5 years living in a studio apartment really getting to know each other while saving up for our first place. We were married back in Vancouver on December 21st, 1985 and we just celebrated our 30th anniversay of that big day.

Along the way we balanced the demands of two careers in three different cities and managed to raise two fantastic kids who are also UBC students. Madison graduated with distinction from Honours Biology and is now in first year law at UBC while Jesse is in the Cellular and Physiological Sciences program in his third year on a track towards medical school.

Our journey together has been an extraordinary one that all started back in the lecture halls of Henry Angus. We still have the paper we wrote together. She got a great Mark, and I got an awesome wife.

Ali & Calvin

BCom 2014


Calvin and Ali's love story started when Ali was in her first year at Sauder. Calvin was in his third year and was a teaching assistant for Comm 202 (formerly Comm 299). As fate would have it, Ali was lucky enough to have Calvin as her TA. However it wasn't until the following year when they both happened to be in Toronto at the same time, that they decided to meet up and both felt a spark.

From that point on, they kept in touch until they both made their way back to Vancouver, where they officially started dating. Many fond memories were shared at UBC, including one of their first dates splitting Blue Chip cookies and walking through the rose garden at sunset. They have been together ever since, and are thankful that their decision to both attend Sauder is what brought them together!

Kevin & Lori

BCom 2001


Lori and I met through mutual friends who were all taking a few TLOG classes together in our 3rd year. We had only been casual acquaintances who would say "hi" and "bye" when we bumped into each other in the hallway. Nothing more. We graduated in 2001, and started our career in Toronto and Vancouver. We rarely saw or bumped into each other since then, until 2005. In 2005, we both changed our career, and ended up in Vancouver. Through our mutual friends, we met up again. We started dating in 2006, and enjoyed 6 years of fun, understanding, growing, and occasional disagreeing. We married in 2013, and have just moved to London for a work transfer. We are very excited to starting our lives again in a new city!


BCom 2014


On January 28th of my final semester at UBC, I walked into the Menchies on campus and my life changed forever. After a little joking around about our completely opposite tastes in frozen yogurt, we decided to see each other again.... and the rest is history. During our time at UBC, he was studying pharmacy and I was studying commerce. We would meet for a walk during our breaks, and the rose gardens quickly became our signature spot on campus. We would always tell ourselves that we could only spend one half hour with each other, but one half hour would quickly turn into one hour, which would eventually turn into two hours. Oddly enough, we both excelled academically that year. Together, we celebrated some of our biggest milestones - our first job offers, our graduations, the birth of our nieces and nephew, and many others. As we begin our lives together, UBC will always hold a special place in the hearts of our family because of the magic it led to, not only in our careers, but also in love.


BCom 1994


I was starting my Pre-Commerce year in 1991. A friend noticed that I didn't register for a language and I said I didn't need one to get into Commerce. Her response was, "What if you don't get in?!". Good point! I didn't know what language to choose and, on a whim, I registered for Latin. The first term went by and I did very well. However, second term was a lot harder. We had weekly quizzes and on the week before reading break, I tanked on our quiz. Our prof said she would not be reviewing the answers that week. I glanced over at the quiz of the student who sat beside me. 10 out of 10! After class, I asked if I could take a look at his quiz. He was very kind and not only let me look at his answers but explained them to me. We started chatting and found that we both had not seen Silence of the Lambs so we made plans to go see the movie during reading break. When we returned to school, we met up a few times after class to play pool in the basement of the SUB and he was very skilled but somehow, I managed to win! Anyone who you share a first date with by going to a movie about cannibalistic serial killers and then lets you win at pool... that person is a keeper. After the movie, we went for coffee and in the course of our conversation, he jokingly said that we would get married. Well, we did get married and have two beautiful girls aged 17 and 13, and 20 years of wedded bliss! I often think back to course registration in 1991 and wonder what our lives would be like if we chose to take a "normal" language like French or Spanish but I am so very glad that we both decided to take Latin

Kathy & Peter

MBA 1983


I was a feminist chemistry major leaning to the left. He was a lonely geological engineering student with an unusual fashion sense. We met in the Pit through a boyfriend who was studying geology with Peter. The attraction was almost immediate but we didn’t see each until a few months later when my now ex-boyfriend suggested Peter sublet my apartment for the summer. We connected again and this time arranged to play tennis; he hit the ball to me every time. We had a magical summer getting to know each other. I moved back into my apartment in the fall and began the MBA program. He never moved out.

Over the next few years, I moved to the right, he to the left but we managed to stay balanced on the relationship teeter-totter. I went to work in the investment management field and he stayed home to look after the children and me. I retired a couple years ago and he never will. We continue to teeter and totter together with more enjoyment than not.

Andrea & Karin

Executive MBA 2009

This is a different kind of 'love story'.

On February 14th 2007 I took the ferry from Victoria to attend my very first EMBA class. I was one of 20 people in the first EMBA cohort who were all feeling a bit sorry for ourselves as we spent Valentine's Day with a room of strangers rather than our loved ones.

I found my name tag and sat down beside a stranger named Karin. She was friendly and it turns out was a fellow nurse, we both had two kids and so much more in common. Karin asked me where I was staying and when I told her the name of the hotel she said "Oh no you're of my daughters has just moved out and you can stay with me".

From that moment on and for the next two years we were best friends. She was so kind and generous and our comraderie got us both through the good times and the bad. But it was mostly good. When something funny happened in class we would look at each other and say 'in the car' and on the way home to North Vancouver each day we would laugh and laugh.

Karin now lives in Ontario, and we visit when we can. We are not as close as we were in school but I can speak for us both when I say we will be lifelong friends.

So not really a love story, but a story about love and friendship.

David & Agatha

BCom 2011


David and Agatha were Sauder classmates from 2009 - 2011 in the Bachelor of Commerce program. Agatha took the Accounting concentration, while David's fear of math landed him in Human Resources. Maybe it was David's 1990 Acura Integra, or simply the hazy delusion after those long study sessions, but the two found themselves inseparable. Their first dates were comprised of spending more time picking out a DVD at Blockbuster than the actual length of the movie. After graduation, David attended law school in Calgary and Agatha followed him there!

In May 2015, they travelled to Maui for a week in May to celebrate David's call to the Bar (or so Agatha thought). After an exciting day of hiking and snorkeling with giant sea turtles, David bought some fresh local fish and barbequed dinner by their condo's private beach. At sunset, he led Agatha to the beach where the two sat together reflecting on their time together and built a sand castle. David asked Agatha to get up and find a stick for the top of the sand castle, and when she returned, the ring was sitting atop the sand castle. After Agatha's tearful bellows, David got on one knee and asked if that was a "yes". One of the sea turtles also approved by waiving its flipper just off the shore.

David and Agatha are getting married in July 2016. They now spend more time choosing a movie on Netflix than the actual length of the movie, and David still fears math.

Bob Wang

BCom 2012

1st year.
I saw her, sitting in the SUB with a group of mutual friends. She caught my eye. It wasn’t until a few weeks later that we officially met through the club Power to Change in SUB 42U. Her being an Arts student, and myself a Sauder student, our two very different worlds collided. I liked her. She liked another Arts student. Uh-oh.

2nd year.
After months of being friends, she couldn’t resist my charm and convinced me that we needed to start dating. Our first date was to the Symphony. I bought flowers… for a friend that was a part of the performance (a girl) and made Anne carry the flowers. Still, she liked me enough to stick around.

3rd year.
As I said, we came from very different worlds with very different personalities. To say the first year dating was rocky is an understatement. But we had a common commitment to each other. 3rd year was challenging as I started specializing in Accounting, took on the President role in BizzComm, and started my own club AdvertisInc. Through the burnout that followed, Anne continued to support me. She also left her comfort zone to attend many Sauder events alongside me. She was a keeper.

4th year.
A week before school got going, I got down on one knee. She said yes. So balancing school, and her being a resident advisor at Walter Gage, we began planning our wedding. 5 months into our engagement, I traveled to Beijing, China for a semester exchange at Tsinghua University. Or as my wife likes to call it, my 5 month bachelor party. We were married on a beautiful July day. After our honeymoon, we moved into married couple housing on campus and began our final year at UBC.

5th year.
Newlyweds. Me finishing an Accounting degree; her finishing a Social Work degree; living in 400 square feet. We finished our journey at UBC together and upon graduation began a journey pursuing our dreams and goals.
4 years later.

Nearing 5 years of marriage, I am continually thankful I met her. I now have my CPA and have started my own firm. My wife? The best Executive Assistant I could ask for. We have our first child on the way, and we look forward to telling them our story of meeting in the basement of the SUB, that March day of 1st year.

Sabrina & Tony

BCom 2013

I first met Tony during my first year at UBC in 2006. It was days after Thanksgiving when a friend told me that a male friend of hers—Tony—saw me in the SUB cafeteria and would like to get to know me.

"I'm flattered he thinks I'm pretty," I beamed.
"Um..." she paused, "he only saw your back."

My heart flopped.

I pictured an awkward freshman, desperate for love, scouring the cafeteria for any moving female target, but I was also suffering from a condition called Depressingly Single, so I agreed to "meet" him on what's now a relic of the glorious 2000's—MSN. Online conversations eventually led to meetings in real life, and before Halloween arrived, we were in love! For the both of us, it was and still is, our first relationship. We were basking in this glow of happiness that I wished would last forever. In our vision, we would graduate, start our careers, get married, and build a family.

Never could we have imagined the hurricane that was about to hit us.

Eight months after we began our relationship, I received a fateful phone call that changed our lives.

"There's something wrong with the way your bone marrow is producing blood cells, Sabrina." I still remember these exact words the doctor said to me on the phone. It was Leukemia.

If there's anything that tests the strength of love, it would be a long and devastating illness. He was the one who shaved my hair and held my hand at the same time. He laughed with me when I felt like laughing, and cheered me on when I couldn't find the courage to laugh. He sat with me in silence on days when I was too tired and ill to speak, and just held me. We would just sit there and watch the setting sun cloak the sterile and lonely hospital room in a wash of sepia. Days after days of pain, fear, and frustration, we finally made it through.

I am now 6 years in remission. Tony proposed to me on the 5th anniversary of my bone marrow transplant in August 2014, a year after I graduated from Sauder's Commerce program.We are now on our way to purchasing our first home together and planning our wedding!

UBC where we started this journey of love and courage. Thank you UBC, for giving us the best gift of all.

Sara & Brandon

BCom 2015

Brandon and I met in our first year at Sauder FROSH. We bumped into each other often at Birmingham library. Eventually I wrangled him into helping me with my calculus homework on a regular basis. After being close friends for a few months we eventually went on our first date. Five years later we are still together. We both lived off campus during our time at UBC and had to be creative in having dates around campus. Our dates were always special, whether it was lunch at the Nitobe gardens, a study date in Birmingham or a romantic walk down wreck beach. UBC is filled with amazing memories for us. A great friendship turned into an even better romance. Sauder and UBC will always play a special part in our love story. Happy Valentines Day Brandon!

Wilson & Steph

BCom 2010

I've always liked to sit at the back row of every class, shying away from attention and just wanted get classes over with asap.

Steph was the completely opposite. She sat in the front row of every class, she was vibrant, she was someone that catches your eye, someone that everyone wanted to talk to and as much as I wanted to get to know her, there was always a little crowd that surrounded her.

I remained quite quiet until 3rd year, where in an intermediate accounting class the professor announced my perfect midterm score to the class. Heads turned and all I was observing was about was whether or not Steph's head turned and it did. That head turn changed my life. Thanks Professor.

From then on, there was a sudden interest in my notes, but of course I only wanted to share them with Steph. The only way to seem not desperate was to share it with other tag-alongs (yes that's you Rameez and Wilson C). Like many others, we studied in groups, partied in groups and got drunk in groups. We loved The Pit.

In our final year, I finally found the courage to ask her out and succeeded (after a few of attempts). We have been soul mates ever since and I am thankful every single day that I have her by my side.

Kiran & Ryan

BCom 2007

It all started on March 3, 2004. I had an evening mid-term and I had been up all night studying for it the night before. I finished writing the mid-term around 7pm and started walking to my car to go home, when I got a phone call from my friend to invite me to the Pit Pub! I was wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt and a baseball cap - not exactly what most girls wear to the Pit Pub. Somehow my friend convinced me to wear her clothes and I agreed to go. When we were waiting in line, this boy (Ryan) came over and introduced himself to me. He had said he saw me in line and thought who is that girl! I had heard that he was not a very nice person and yet as I saw him throughout the night he was the perfect gentleman and so I gave him my phone number! A few days went by and I did not receive a phone call! I thought, what a jerk! Why would someone ask me for my phone number and not call? I thought maybe he's not such a nice person after all! Then one day (in April) my friend and I were bored and hanging out at Gage Towers; we ran into Ryan and decided to hang out. We talked for hours and laughed and joked. This paved the way for Ryan to get over his shyness (which he said was why he didn't call me sooner) and message me on MSN Messenger. We went on one date to Granville Island and McDonalds (lol) that April but that summer Ryan went back home to Port Alberni. We continued chatting over MSN and also spent many hours on the phone over the next 4 months. We got to know each other really well and he came down to Vancouver to see me a couple of times. Once he came back in September we started dating and almost 12 years later here we are. We got married in 2011 and have one son and another baby on the way (due March 10!). When we got married, we took our wedding photos at UBC because that is where our relationship started and grew into what it is today. We laugh about how we met at the campus pub but we wouldn't change a thing about our love story!

Warren & Maureen

BCom 1981

My wife Maureen and I met at POITS which I managed for 2 years in 1980 and 1981 and she was doing her MBA. We went on our first date in March of 1981, got engaged at Sedgewick Library 3 weeks later and got married in September. We are celebrating 35 years of amazing partnership in September. We have 3 kids and our son Greg has an MM from the Robert H. Lee Graduate School. We founded what is now the UCS Forest Group together and will celebrate its 30th Anniversary this May. I am Vice-Chair of the Faculty Advisory Board at Sauder and my family just founded the Spitz Fellows Program at UBC Sauder for Aboriginal Women. UBC and the Commerce Faculty is where it all started for us! Happy Valentines Day!

Kati & Robert

BCom 2011

Rob and I met as elementary school students at Whistler’s Myrtle Philip Elementary School in 1998 but sparks didn’t fly until Rob’s imminent departure to UBC Engineering in 2006. To make sure Rob didn’t get side-tracked by all the hotties in his faculty, I joined him at UBC as a Sauder student. Little did I know how special the years on campus would be among late nights studying in libraries and empty classrooms, POITS events, AMS Beer tasting classes, and Wreck Beach adventures. Now, I am lucky to be able to call Rob my husband. Our wedding party wouldn’t have been complete without the amazing friends that we made along the way: Thao Nguyen (UBC BCom), Charlie Calladine (UBC Engineering), Gill Missellbrook (UBC BSc), and Caleb Lister (UBC Forestry).

Nureen & Aman

BCom 2013

It all started when Aman leaned over and asked Nureen for a pen in Math 184. Everyday he came in and scouted the class to sit beside her. He did what any 18 year-old boy does to get the attention of a girl, he teased her. He loved writing on her beautiful colour coordinated notes and tried to get a rise out of her each math class. By the end of the term, it worked. They laughed, joked, and became friends.

In second semester of first year, they talked here and there about grades, macro econ and argued for the sake of argument but lost touch over the summer. It wasn't until October of second year that the two of them finally spoke again. Aman decided to drunk dial Nureen to ask if he could sleep on her floor. The Halloween event at the Pit had been evacuated and Aman's ride home could not be found. He was stranded with no money and no way home. He only knew one person who lived on campus. Nureen lived in Gage towers and was up studying for her managerial accounting midterm when she received the call. Aman was walking towards Gage where he ended up finding his friends and went home. Nureen, the kind gal she is, messaged him the next day to see how the rest of his night went. With that, they started to message everyday and realized how much they had in common.

Aman finally asked Nureen on a date and they went out for hot chocolate at Richmond Centre. The two of them have been inseparable ever since. They spent most of their time studying at Gage and DLam for the rest of their undergraduate degree. They also enjoyed walking through the Rose Gardens and having a relaxing beer at the Pit. UBC Sauder brought them together and now they live happily ever after.

Trevor & Cheryl

BCom 2012

I met my fiancée in 4th year. She was in Psychology, and we met because my roommates girlfriend (Esther) set us up. Ironically, Esther tried to set us up a year prior to that but Cheryl (my fiancé) said she didn't like people in Sauder so she didn't think she'd like me very much. We get married on August 6th.

Lori & Keith

BCom 1987

Keith Kornder and I met in January 1986, in front of a computer in a marketing course. The lab didn't have enough computers for each student to have their own, and Keith was habitually late for class. One day he was late (as usual) and had to share a computer. He says that he looked for the prettiest girl in class and sat with her. I say he looked for the seat closest to the door so the prof wouldn't notice he was late! Either way, it was serendipity. We started dating soon afterwards. Our first date was to the movie "Brazil", and we figured if we both had the same reaction to that movie then there must be something there! We were pretty much inseparable, and Keith became a regular visitor to the 17th floor of Gage South Tower! Most Friday nights were spent at POITS, of course. We were engaged in 1989, and married in 1991. This September 14 we will celebrate 25 years of marriage. Thanks, UBC!

Nick & April

BCom 2013

This Sauder Love story starts on the #25 Bus. I used to wait at the King Edward and Cambie, westbound bus stop for April's bus to arrive. We were just friends and had both just transferred from Langara, and for some reason I would let several empty busses drive but just for the chance to stand on a crowded bus with her. A few hundred study sessions on the fourth floor of Henry Angus, many post-exam celebrations (well a few pre-exam too) and I started to fall in love...she either had no idea or did a great job of hiding it!

In Feb 2012 on the way to Trek Toronto, several of us stopped over for a weekend in NYC. After a late night of dive bars and pizza I pulled April into a cab and instructed the cabbie to "take us to Central Park!” I was in a New York state of mind and determined to make the most of it. We jumped out of the taxi; I pulled her close and kissed her under a street lamp as the snow fell down all around us. Mission accomplished!

After grad I was offered a job in Singapore so we sold what we could, gave away what we couldn’t and packed our bags. The weekend before we flew to Singapore we planned a short trip back to New York with some friends. After a bike ride around Central Park we rented boats and I rowed April out to the middle of The Pond. As a choir sang Lennon’s “Imagine” on the grassy bank, I pulled out a diamond ring and proposed. She either had no idea or did a great job of hiding it!

We eloped on a beach in Singapore in January 2014 with two witnesses and decided to keep it quiet until our 'real' wedding back in Vancouver. We spent the next 18 months working and exploring SE Asia until one night last June, before a weekend trip to Myanmar, we found out we were expecting baby Macey.

Jan. 11th we celebrated our 2nd anniversary and Feb. 4th 2016 we got to meet our baby, Mila Harper. From Henry Angus to New York to Singapore, our Sauder love story continues…

Bill & Tania

BCom 1965

On February 14, 2016, St. Valentine’s Day, we will celebrate our 50th St. Valentine’s Day as a married couple. Besides this half century time-frame, what is also special is our connection to the Sauder School of Business at UBC. From 1961 to 1965 we were both students in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration (now Sauder School of Business) and aspiring chartered accountants. Our friend, Cupid, interfered with those plans.

For some reason a near disaster turned into a lifelong partnership. During a break between classes Tania showed her graduation thesis to me and others who were sitting at a table drinking coffee. At the precise moment she placed her thesis on the table, I accidentally bumped my coffee cup. The spilled coffee missed destroying the only copy of her thesis by millimeters. This certainly got everyone’s attention and a reaction from Tania who decided never to speak to me again. Our personal connection had been developing from a growing friendship and common interests. The coffee episode two months before graduation nearly ended that connection.

After a truce, and establishing speaking terms, we both realized there was never a dull moment when together. Following final exams in April 1965 we became engaged. At convocation in May, Tania displayed her engagement ring to a chorus from fellow classmates of “Bill Who?” Only a few close classmates were aware of Cupid and his antics. I became a Chartered Accountant and Partner of one of the international accounting firms. Tania became a teacher and subsequently worked in Human Resources for the Federal Government. We continued an exciting and adventurous life throughout the past fifty years. We have done extensive traveling to many countries and continue to do so. Both our children are UBC graduates with our son graduating from the Sauder School of Business. We have five grandchildren, the oldest of whom will be attending university this September 2016. Will she be another Sauder School of Business graduate?

We have UBC, Sauder School of Business and our friend, Cupid, to thank for our good fortune and transformation from classmates to soul-mates.

Doug & Meredith

BCom 1974

In my final year of Commerce at UBC, I met my future wife, Meredith, at a dance at the Faculty Club in October 1973. It was organized by the students of our campus residence, the Vancouver School of Theology. The vast majority of residents were enrolled in faculties other than theology. There were separate buildings for the men and women and there was a rule of no access to the building of the opposite sex after 11:00 p.m. There was a well known case where two students had been asked to leave the residence after disregarding that rule which served as a reasonably effective deterrent.

Half way through the dance, I was standing at the back drinking beer and talking with a friend when this girl with a big smile walked past and asked me why I wasn't dancing. She continued to the table of friends she was sitting with. I watched her the whole way. Young, long hair, slim and holding a bottle of beer were a pretty good combination of reasons to go and ask her to dance. We ended up dancing together until the last song and had a really good time. We walked back to the residence together and then went into our separate buildings, giving no thought to our future. The next morning, I drag myself down for breakfast, noticing it is not busy at all as the previous night has taken its toll. Much to my amazement, Meredith is sitting at one of the tables and just about to eat. With some trepidation, I decide to take my tray of food and sit across from her and hope that she remembers my name. She does!

We hung out together for the rest of my final year, got married in 1980 and here we are, still together, in 2016. In relation to 1973, we are not as young, our hairstyles are shorter and of different colour, we are not as slim, we drink a lot less beer but we are still in love.
For those alumni who have not been to the Alumni Centre on campus yet, go, and use the interactive wall to call up your graduation information and see your name in lights. Time passes by quickly so take a moment, while there, to reflect.

Lilian & Jason

BCom 2012

The first time we met was on a bus in grade 12 before we even started at UBC, we were introduced by mutual friends again through our local student council network. About a month before we're both set to start at Sauder, I get a message from him:

J: "Hey! What STT did you register in?"
L: "I registered for 162!"
J: "Cool! We're in the same STT :) wow we might be seeing a lot of each other next year"
L: "I think we will be!"
J: "Ohhh nevermind, I'm in 148"
L: "Ok i was just gonna say.. I'm actually in 262!"

In the end we didn't really have any classes together in 1st year but remained friends within the same circle. So when 2nd year registration came around, we were smarter and actually registered in the same STT this time! He would always save me a spot beside him in accounting class since I seemed to have a problem showing up to class on time. We started to hang out more and he would doodle on my notes even though he knew I liked to keep them clean and neat (that counts as flirting right??). He finally asked me out during the Christmas break of 2nd year, that was 6 years ago and the rest has been history!

Our favourite memory of our time at UBC together would have to be meeting up to have a LBBR (Large Beef Brisket Rice Noodle) from the Moon in the SUB - I'm hoping that place still exists in the new SUB!

For 3 years of our relationship, he lived in Toronto and I lived in Vancouver but I'm glad to say that now we're both happily living in Toronto! We love travelling together and can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for us!

Christopher & Amanda

BCom 2014

Deep down, Amanda always knew she was going to date an accountant. After all, it was in her blood with both her parents being accountants (Rick and Mary Lam, BCom 1985). Ironically, Amanda wasn’t the best with numbers.

When the days of managerial accounting came along, Amanda decided to sit in on an extra class to gain a better understanding on the subject. As the year went by, Amanda asked for personal tutoring sessions from Chris, in order to spend more time with him outside of class. Even though this was initially a platonic idea, it soon changed the more time she spent with him. Sadly, the thought of being friend zoned was real, and it wasn’t until a year later that Chris finally decided to credit “study time” and debit “love” instead.

Together, Chris and Amanda made their way through their university degree, with Chris majoring in Accounting and Amanda in Marketing (the extra classes and tutoring sessions didn’t help). Now, the two are facing the business world in Calgary, building their careers, and saving up their finances for the next adventure together.


MBA 2014

I met my husband while we both were working as Squad Leaders with UBC Connect in the final year of our undergraduate degrees. We were from opposite ends of campus (he was an engineer, I was in the Honours English program), but it was love at first sight. He caught my eye and asked me to join a game of pick-up frisbee. By the time I started my MBA, we had been married for four years. My Sauder story would have been very different without his support. My wonderful husband cooked meals, washed dishes, and helped me grapple with excel formulas. And what comes around goes around - he will be starting his Master's in Applied Science this fall (at UBC, of course) so it will be my turn to support him through his graduate adventure. When we're not furthering our education, we take friends out on kayaking expeditions, go cycling, or play board games. We will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary this summer by travelling through the Maritimes before school starts.

Scott & Anna

BCom 2008

After taking Tsur Somerville's Real Estate Investment class together Anna (Warshawski, Grad 2009) and I didn't see each other for another 4 years. We reintroduced ourselves on my birthday in 2012 and I fondly remembered her as the "girl who asked all the questions" and kept everyone late. 4 years later we are engaged and she still asks lots of questions. I proposed just before Christmas this year while we were in Calgary visiting her family and the current plan is to get married in 2017.

Polina & Marco

MBA 2012

On a very warm and sunny day in early October 2014 we exchanged vows witnessed by family and closest friends on a grass terrace facing the beautiful Liguria coast, in Italy. Our loved ones were on one side deeply touched by our romantic words, on the other quite amused by our funny pronunciations as we spoke each other’s languages. Both of us were born, grew up, and lived most of our lives outside of Canada. A Russian and an Italian, we first met during our MBA at Sauder. We seemed to have different backgrounds, hobbies and interests. Sauder became the first thing we shared and a place where we started to reveal how much we actually have in common. Since that moment until today life has taken us to Toronto where our baby daughter Alexandra was born, but we’ll always remember Sauder at UBC as the place where our amazing love found its beginning.

Kelly & Marc

BCom 1984

We met in 1981 at the tail end of third year Commerce (back then Commerce was a five year program). Kelly was working on degree in Finance and Urban Land and Marc in Finance and Marketing. We graduated together along with Marc’s identical twin brother, Brent in 1984.

(Marc’s story) While working in the remote location of Riske Creek, BC on a helicopter forest fire initial attack crew, I decided that I was tired of seeing the same 25 faces over and over and all of them male. I decided to take a Friday off, along with my brother, and to drive to Vancouver for the weekend and some female interaction. I then asked my brother Brent if he knew of anyone he could call for a date. Brent mentioned a girl in his Stats class that he liked and thought was cute and her name was Kelly Bishop. I called her and invited her for dinner on the Saturday night. Kelly said yes to the invite but was a little concerned about someone arriving “out of the bush” after 2 months and decided to bring a few friends along on the dinner for support.

(Kelly’s story) I was working at Bay Boats in Horseshoe Bay and got a call from a friend of my brother’s who worked with Marc and Brent at Riske Creek. He said that Marc was going to call and ask me out but I told him that he must be mixed up with the twins as I only knew Brent and not Marc. I was concerned that Marc was quite popular and that he couldn’t be interested in me so I organized a larger group to go out for the night.

Although Marc was surprised at the entourage he faced on that first date, he persevered to date number 2 where they actually had a chance to speak with one another and to get to know one another. It was not long after that we were seeing one another regularly.
We were married in 1987 and have lived and worked in both Calgary and Vancouver and travelled to many countries throughout the world. Time has flown by and we can’t believe that we have been happily married for almost 29 years and have two daughters!

Dick & Jeanne

BCom 1959

After 3 weeks of consideration, I decided that it was time to add a little "experience" to the Love Stories. Jeanne (Davidson) (BComm 1960) and I met while serving on the CUS Executive in 1957-58. (Yes, that is about 59 years ago). Happy to say we are still together and have two wonderful daughters (Shauna [LLB 1991] and Kristi [BSN 1993] and 6 great grandchildren - that is, they are all great, but only grandchildren! Back in the good old days at UBC, two things stood out - mushroom burgers at the White Spot drive-in (still in demand any time any of our grandchildren arrive in B.C.) and watching the submarine races in the evening at Spanish Banks (likely still a popular sport). As a matter of fact, that is where we became engaged, so has some special memories. We have spent the last 42 years living in Victoria, where Jeanne spent 28 years as a successful realtor and I (in her words) retired early and took over the house!

Nicole & Jack

BCom 2015

So many missed encounters with this couple. Which of the following three statements are true?
1. They met when Nicole was sitting in the audience of Mr. Sauder and introduced herself to the contestants after the show.
2. They met when Jack spotted Nicole in line at the Pint for a mutual friend’s birthday and introduced himself.
3. They met when Jack was an alumni at a COMM 486R night event.

What’s absolutely certain is that after almost two years, 5 months of long-distance, endless calls over the phone, a weekend trip to Ethiopia, and hours of uncontrollable laughter later, Nicole and Jack are still going strong. For all of those single ladies and gentlemen out there, never underestimate the power of a missed encounter – you just might find your favourite person in the world.

Alison & Graeme

BCom 2001

Graeme and I met in third year while we were at the Western Business Games in Winnipeg. It was the first time UBC had fielded a team to WBG, so we had no idea we were in for things like being pelted with lettuce while walking into the first event! WBG ended up being a lot of fun for everyone. When we got back to Vancouver, he asked me out on a date and here we are 16+ years later with a house and two kids! We didn't find out until we'd be dating for a year that there had actually been a pool organized by our classmates as to how low long we would stay together. Nobody picked that we would get married. We are still looking for how we can collect our pot of winnings!

Rick & Mary

BCom 1985

Rick and Mary met in the early years of their university career‎, and shared the same friend circle. During their time in business school (it wasn't called Sauder back then yet), they dated other people and didn't really consider being more than just friends to each other. Graduating somehow changed that, and they embarked on achieving their CA designation together. Fast forward to present day and they are happily married with two children graduated from UBC.

Kathleen & Robert

MBA 1987

I met Robert (BSc '73, MSc '77) in 1972 when I was a first year Science undergrad and he completing fourth year. Our affections flourished for a few months then floundered but we rekindled our romance three years later. I realized while travelling in Europe with friends that I had met my true love and soul mate and it was time to head home. I followed Robert to Edmonton where he was studying for a PhD at the U of A. That was 39 years ago. Together we've raised three beautiful children, Elizabeth, Hilary (BSc'10, MM'12) and Adam, had successful careers in both Canada and the US and been blessed with a loving and supportive family.